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Megha Hamal PR & Branding, LLC is a Chicago-based boutique firm that works in a wide range of categories including lifestyle and healthcare. We specialize in publicity, personal branding, thought leadership & social media management.

We are passionate about storytelling. Through carefully curated individualized strategies, we help brands tell their stories by communicating their values to the world, while increasing their visibility & credibility in the industry that they represent. In today’s competitive market, we bring beautiful and captivating stories of brands to life by connecting them to their audience and setting them up for success and growth.

We call this “Storytelling for Success.”

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3 Tips For Successfully Breaking Into Public Relations

Beginning a career in public relations is exciting, but can be challenging at times. Even though public relations continuously evolves with the advent of technology, it may not always be the easiest industry to break into. Here are three tips to help you land your...

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How Can Small Businesses Take Advantage of Public Relations?

Running a small business isn’t easy. Small business owners must wear multiple hats, at times with limited resources, so it’s natural for things to get hectic when trying to grow and expand.  During these seemingly chaotic times, investing in public relations (PR) can...

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5 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram as a PR Tool

The world of public relations is constantly evolving, providing new opportunities for brands to get their message out and share their stories. It is an industry where people are constantly experimenting and applying new techniques to solve complex strategies and roll...

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