3 Tips For Successfully Breaking Into Public Relations

Apr. 6, 2019

Beginning a career in public relations is exciting, but can be challenging at times. Even though public relations continuously evolves with the advent of technology, it may not always be the easiest industry to break into. Here are three tips to help you land your first job in PR.

  1. Start with an internship

PR internships have the ability to shape an individual’s perspective and ensure they are following the correct path to break into the industry. However, many people get lost in the idea that an internship is solely for students. Although a college degree is relevant and exceptionally important, firsthand experience is where the real opportunity happens. Accepting an internship can help build your foundation to start a career in this field. Through an internship, you will build a network of professional contacts that will help you throughout the entirety of your career and ensure you are headed in the best direction for your interests.

  1. Stick with your passion

If you are passionate about writing, enjoy public speaking, and are creative in nature, PR is the career for you. There are many different types of roles in PR, from pitching, researching, writing to strategizing. The industry revolves around people who work a lot, and without that drive, it is hard to see a future that is fulfilling and sustainable.

  1. Educate yourself

Educate yourself on everything – the latest trends, the best PR magazines, the newest social media applications. Learning new things is probably one of the easiest skills you can attain. The benefits that come from simply reading an article about what works, can define your career. Being bold and confident begins with educating yourself and understanding the very basics of what you are pitching to clients, followers, and those who will eventually look up to you. You will impress your co-workers and boss simply by taking a few minutes out of your day to develop original insights.

About the Author

About the Author

CEO & Founder

Megha Hamal is the Founder and CEO of Megha Hamal PR & Branding, LLC, a Chicago boutique firm specializing in personal branding and PR firm, with clients ranging in lifestyle, healthcare, and everything in between.