5 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram as a PR Tool

Nov. 7, 2018

The world of public relations is constantly evolving, providing new opportunities for brands to get their message out and share their stories. It is an industry where people are constantly experimenting and applying new techniques to solve complex strategies and roll out campaigns that have a lasting impact.

With social media tools like Instagram, brands are receiving more attention than ever by integrating this platform into brand’s PR efforts. So, how can you integrate Instagram for brand PR?

  1. Ensure your Instagram page is converted to a business profile

    This provides followers and those interested with access to email and telephone numbers in the click of a button. Additionally, business profiles have an added benefit of providing account users with analytics and business insights, which can be very helpful and can act as a benchmark for success.

  2. Interact with followers

    Since followers are your audience, make sure you are constantly engaging them and interacting with them. Engagement can be as simple as a thank you and asking questions. Make sure your engagement with your followers is authentic and honest.

  3. Showcase your products

    Define If you are a brand in the selling business, whether it is a product or a service, make it a point to showcase it. Instead of just taking shots of products and services, focus on telling a story and make the process more engaging. You can do this in many ways, a user-generated campaign is a good example. Whatever you do, keep the content relevant, timely, and tasteful. If you want to further spread the word about your product or service, think about doing contests or giveaways. These are small gestures, but effective tactics to engage followers and promote your message in a strategic manner.

  4. Promote a brand image

    This When it comes to appealing to the masses, Instagram is known for its ability to create attractive and compelling profiles. In order to do so, it is important to develop a page that has a consistent look and feel. Choose a specific filter or color that fits your brand’s identity. Simply put, the repetition of related content will assist in a visually recognizable page, which is important when it comes to brand identity.

  5. Promote brand values and company culture

    Instagram is a great platform for giving your followers a behind-the-scenes look into company culture and the workings of your brand. Humanizing your business page allows brands to build trust with their audience. When talking about values and culture, do not hesitate to be open and honest. Whether it’s a social cause that your brand advocates for or it is about your workplace culture, find creative ways to talk about it. Think beyond pictures and words. How about a video, infographics, or partnering with an influencer with similar brand values?

About the Author

About the Author

CEO & Founder

Megha Hamal is the Founder and CEO of Megha Hamal PR & Branding, LLC, a Chicago boutique firm specializing in personal branding and PR firm, with clients ranging in lifestyle, healthcare, and everything in between.